Morning in Alba

October 13, 2020

This is one of eight acoustic postcards blending music, sounds of place and people, and images to immerse you for a moment in the world of white truffles and Alba. Photos by Bruno Murialdo stir dreaming. Much is said in his images about the lands and people of the Piedmont. They provoke contemplation. Each postcard has music that speaks to that postcard’s subject. A phrase from the book, The Treasures of Alba (to be published by Pegasus Books) completes the experience.

Morning in Alba: After the bell tolls, one line of melody starts, then a different one begins. The sequence of music is like all mornings are, beginning in fits and starts. The lines of the acoustic guitar as it opens are hopeful and seem to be searching for a melody, the notes wandering in different directions—in a way comparable to how we begin our mornings, groping around before starting our routine, fresh and optimistic about the day to unfold, but not knowing what is ahead completely, the chance encounters that await.

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